Our Network

Over the last ten years, Weisberg Wine Company Limited have established a respectable network in Hong Kong. Our customer range covers hotels and restaurants, big chained stores and wine shops, as well as private collectors.

What we do
As being a leading fine wine distributor in Hong Kong, Weisberg Wine helps wine lovers to find all kinds of fine and rare wines and provide them at competitive market prices.

Boutique Wines

People tend to buy big names like Lafite or Latour. Any idea the annual productions for these two wines are? The answer is around 20,000 cases. That is why they can easily be gotten hold of.  Weisberg Wines put her focus on quality rare wines, of which the production varies among hundreds to thousands cases a year. These small productions are called boutique wines.



Why Boutique Wines?
Let's consider a boutique wine with 1,000 cases availability a year. The chance is all 1,000 cases being consumed within the first half of the year. For every single wine we bring in, only small amount is available. The conclusion is: These wines are as precious as gold. But what you are looking for in a boutique wine is not just a small winery. What you are looking for is the reason why a passionate winemaker makes a slightly different wine. It is because a good winemaker has a passion for a specific expression of a specific grape or blend of grapes.

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